Ever sipped a brew out of a fancy bottle and wished you could keep it? Now you can finally re-purpose your favorite bottles with this handy bottle cutter. Watch the video to see how easy it actually is to create glassware just like that. This DIY duo also comes with your very own candle making set so you can fill your new glasses with homemade soy candles. Get in our Cheezburger store for $59.99 after 31% off.

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Its been a funny ole week. Two of the pop up events in my last post were scheduled for this week and neither of them actually happened as they were cancelled by the organisers for one reason or another. All my hard work to prepare just down the toilet. Still, it could all be a lot worse. I have a lot to be thankful for so I really can’t complain too loudly. All I can do is keep on pushing and dance with Darlene.


Hell Bunny at Beloved Endeavour Plus Size Dress

Dancing with Darlene


Darlene is my trusted Kennett & Lindsell mannequin that I bought on Ebay a couple of years ago for a mere fraction of her true value and she is really serving me well. Darlene is wearing the size 2XL Hell Bunny Tutti Fruiti dress that is approx. a size UK18 and as you can see, it fits all her curves perfectly. I’m wearing the 4XL Monte Carlo dress which is officially the equivalent to a size 22 but the fabric has some stretch so I’m just about able to fit my size 24/26 body into it. It fits me very closely but evidently, that hasn’t stopped me.

Hell Bunny at Beloved Endeavour Plus Size Retro Dress

Hell Bunny at Beloved Endeavour Plus Size Retro Monte Carlo DressHell Bunny at Beloved Endeavour Plus Size Retro Dress Monte Carlo

Hell Bunny at Beloved Endeavour Plus Size Retro Dress Monte Carlo

Hands down my dress of the season. I love the low back and the fact that its got pockets. No bra peepage at the sides of my boobs either. I’ll still be wearing it in the autumn, just adding layers of tights and cardigans. Oh- it has pockets too. It’s a done deal.

Both dresses available at Belovedendeavour.com

New adoption campaign from Singapore turns pets to funny memes

The SPCA in Singapore has implemented a new campaign called 'Adapt-a-meme' which utilizes the popular meme and gifs culture to help find homes for their adoptable pets. The campaign intends to encourage people to adopt furry friends in need, as appose to buying them. 

The campaign created a series of cool animated GIF memes featuring real adoptable shelter animals. Each meme was created based on each animal individual personality. How cool is that?

Here are some of the memes:

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Sometimes all you need is a great scarf to make a casual look more vibrant. What are your style secrets?

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America’s birthplace — Philadelphia! — celebrates the Fourth of July in a major way. Every year, the city gears up for Wawa Welcome America and its roster of great events not only on July 4th but also on the days leading up to the Independence Day holiday.

There are four major fireworks shows(!), free concerts from local and national acts, outdoor festivals and block parties, a parade and so much more.

For a full guide to July 4th in Philadelphia, click here.

Below, check out our guide to the top ways to celebrate July 4th in Philadelphia.

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